Painting pictures is a language like any other. It uses elements of
a visual structure

It is not a language of words, but one of colour, line, shape, texture and the notional space of a two-dimensional plane with a certain proportion, (any surface for that matter.)


In figurative, representational painting, the order in the juxtaposition and integration of visual linguistic elements, a 'syntax' in essence, describe a realism that is immediately recognizable. On the other hand, the disruption or distortion of that 'syntax' in the way these elements interrelate, allows a freedom to play with abstract or semi-abstract imagery.  In this instance, the linguistic elements could assert qualities in their own right while still remaining in harmony with the compositional whole.


This approach appeals to me; and is representative of the way I paint; and I am free to follow the dictates of intuition; play with the ambiguities of form, morphing one barely recognizable image into another. I am also free to create an iconography that evokes suggestions of storytelling, which, more often than not, relates to a Caribbean folklore and mythology.

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