In my view, poetry is always the discovery of possibilities in language to express my encounter, through the senses, with
the living environment; this encounter also includes a socio-political interaction; or in moments of quiet reflection, the act
of remembering; (language in this context includes that of visual creative expression, poetry being also an accepted aesthetic in the visual arts.)

To express such sensual experiences in poetry is to subject my writing to the rigorous process of editing to produce
a distillation of sorts. It is often during this process of crafting that intuition makes an entrance, and from which I get a great deal of pleasure.

I do facilitate workshops in creative writing and the visual arts.  It is a way of sharing one's artistic skills.  My approach is based on the following principles:  understanding the fundamentals in the practical use of materials;  a playful, creative exploration of subject matter in relation to one's chosen expressive material (including verbal and written languages.) And last, but not least, to encourage a workshop atmosphere that is fun and mutually inspirational.

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  • The Scared Crow

    A sparrow and a crow

    were perched in a willow

    at the edge of a cornfield.



    they don't scare me,”

    cawed the crow.


    “That may be so.”

    said the sparrow;

    “but, look again.

    This one wears

    a ginger cat

    disguised as a hat.”

  • African Drought

    The sun came down,

    furnaced the air,

    severed clean

    the cycle of seasons

    with its blade of flame,

    coloured everything

    a scorched brown,

    imposed silence

    as a burden.

    Extract from Lure of the Cascadura.

    Published by Bogle L'-Ouverture.

  • Behind the Carnival

    In the beginning was carnival:

    the pulse that animated the germ in the soup,

    made sperm a triumphant amphibian,

    stirred seed to shoot, burned green

    in every tree and herb.

    Extract from Behind the Carnival.

    Published by Smith/Doorstop Books.

  • The Sun Inn, Rhewl Village

    Bodies are fuelled with ale

    in this fourteenth century interior;

    a hug of warmth, and daylight

    discreet through small windows,

    the Welsh comfortable here at home.

    Here, long ago, drovers quenched

    their thirst for folk tales and beer.

    It is now a respite for the shoot:

    lusty men washing the kill from their

    minds with good Denbigh brew.

    Extract from 'A Carib Being in Cymru'

    Published by Cane Arrow Press.

  • Nanny's Reincarnation

    After the beating by plantation sun,

    the silencing of the drums, night was a comfort.

    Your ancestral ways simmered in a pepperpot

    in the dark, spiced with wild thyme, casareep.


    Obeah was your faith.

    You soothed monthly pains with zebapique,

    drove evil spirits away

    burning cacajab in coalpot fire.

    Extract from 'A Carib Being in Cymru'

    Published by Cane Arrow Press.

  • Weather Vane

    Not easy to understand

    the hard fettle of Hughes' poetry

    distilled from the Calder Valley,

    where the sun keeps its distance

    and the sky is a puckered tissue

    greying everything.


    Sometimes there is a blessing

    in perceiving language in landscape:

    Autumn in mid-Winter

    with gamboge yellow, Indian red;

    blue wood smoke lifting

    amid scraggy sycamores,

    their dark bloom of rooks' nests.

    Extract from 'Voices From a Silk-Cotton Tree

    Published by Smith/Doorstop Books

Full poetry collections

Children’s anthologies

Adult anthologies


Full poetry collections


Dancing in the Rain,

Peepal Tree Press 2015

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A Carib Being in Cymru

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Behind the Carnival

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The Sun Rises In the North
Smith/Doorstop Books 1991
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Lure of the Cascadura

Bogle L'Ouverture Publications Ltd. 1989

ISBN  0 904521 48 6

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Children's Anthologies


A Caribbean Dozen
Edited by John Agard & Grace Nichols
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Hello New
Edited by John Agard & Grace Nichols
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131 poems for children in need

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