Why I do what I do

As a toddler I attempted to draw portraits of my father; so I was told. This was not a passing phase as was the general expectation. My preoccupation with mark-making continued beyond my toddler years. It eventually became a household problem when I extended this activity on to our apartment walls.

Many years later I was made aware, by an established artist in Trinidad, of the career possibilities of this artistic ability which I so naturally took for granted.  At that point in time, my only desire to improve my drawing and painting skills, assumed new significance and suddenly became a meaningful aspiration. It was this happy discovery which eventually led me to Goldsmiths College School of Art in London.

Writing, on the other hand, came out of my childhood addiction for novels.  Perhaps it was a way of filling the void at the age of nine made by the death of my mother.  Being a child with an over-active imagination, I yearned to live the excitement and adventure I read about in those novels.  I turned to writing my own stories with me as the hero. Now, as an adult painter and poet, I have discovered a way of being.  I continue my exploration in the way painting and poetry can be interrelated.

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CLPE Interview 2016

John Lyons at his Clpe interview during the short listing process 2016

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